10.18 Online Business Study Courses

Business Study graduates are highly marketable, and readily find jobs in accountancy, finance, business information analysis, public relations, and media consultancy. Some become economists, statisticians, risk analysts, economic forecasters or financial consultants. Others turn to small business, new venture or project management. Some specialize further and take up investment banking, stockbroking, the management of human resources, or become experts in the intricacies of import and export licensing. Business studies graduates can also be found among market researchers, advertising agents, property managers and even professional sports administrators and managers.

Ecommerce is finding a larger role in today's business studies, and students will generally learn the fundamentals of website development, IT management, planning and analysis of online marketing campaigns, plus the many incidental skills that weld an effective team from the disparate skills of the usual online company.

Ecommerce Online Courses

AcademicInfo. Select your course by degree and US State.

ACS Distance Education. Australian courses.

AskEdu. Ecommerce training courses and workshops in Canadian cities.

AskEdu. Some 25 ecommerce/ebusiness courses in India.

BBC. Guide to business studies learning resources and online courses.

Best Business Schools. Bloomberg Businessweek's listing.

Business School Rankings. F.T.'s international listing for 2010.

Business Training Schools. Wide range of US business schools offering ecommerce, grouped by State and category.

Distance Learner. Short list of free and affordable courses in ecommerce.

eLearning Center. Offers twelve courses for $69/year.

GradSchools. Some 38 online ecommerce graduate programs.

Graduate School Guide. Gateway to graduate schools and programs in the US and around the world: free to students.

HotCourses. Database lookup of UK courses in ecommerce.

India Education. Indian correspondence certificate courses in ecommerce

Online Colleges. Database of all accredited US online colleges.

Online Ecommerce Studies. Various degrees available: associate, bachelor, masters, doctors and graduate certificate.

Open Directory's Listing. Some 23 centers listed: USA and Europe.

Study. Good listing of US courses, what they consist of, and expected salaries.

Unigo. College reviews by students.

Which MBS. The Economist's 2010 listing of best MBS courses

Worldwide Learn. A short list of evening, weekend and online courses at US colleges.