Colin J. Holcombe holds degrees in Geology and in Teaching, and was formerly a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of both the Geological Society of London and the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy. After a successful career in mineral exploration across five continents, he took up a research post in London with the mining finance house RTZ plc., where he managed exploration programs in difficult terrains, conceived and built the first computer-based mine evaluation systems that are now standard in the industry, published in leading academic journals, and became responsible for all technical aspects of RTZ corporate acquisition. His work required a thorough understanding of economics, project evaluation and public relations, and close liaison with university researchers and senior levels of government.

Colin left RTZ plc in 1988, and developed his own publishing and Internet-based businesses. He helped program the world's largest online gambling site, and his sites providing literary, travel and financial services won awards and featured in various computing and literary textbooks.

In 2001 Colin joined LitLangs Publishing Ltda. in Chile to set up, a business intelligence unit focusing on the ecommerce market. In writing these pages, Colin draws on extensive experience of web design, database programming and ecommerce implementation.


LitLangs Publishing Ltda.

LitLangs Publishing Ltda. is a private company specializing in the publishing opportunities afforded by the Internet. Over the 2001-2012 period, LitLangs published an 'Advanced Guide to Ecommerce', a detailed and constantly-updated guide used in some 60 countries by entrepreneurs, businesses, colleges and government institutions.

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