10.2 Affiliate Management Software

You'll need software to automate the process of creating links, storing records of purchases, calculating commissions, allowing commissions to be viewed, and sending out payments. Programs now exists for all pockets, from simple scripts you install on your server to sophisticate programs provided as a third party service.


Rental setup cost, monthly fees, any commissions and minimum rental period.

Price if software is purchased outright.

Extent that software can be customized to your needs.

Whether potential affiliates can sign up automatically.

Software automatically creates links, banners and/or rotating banners for affiliates.

Software allows pay by lead.

Software allows pay by sale.

Rate can be adjusted to affiliate and/or extent of sales.

Commission type: %, flat rate or reverse.

Tiers of commission possible.

Limits on number of affiliates and/or click-throughs per month.

Software can cope with offline sales.

Sales information is readily exported to databases and/or accounting programs.

Signup and sale notification is automated.

Commission tracking is automated.

Tracking technology will work on most systems.

Cookie life can be set (if cookies are the tracking technology).

Software integrates with your (or popular) shopping cart and payment gateways.

Software includes fraud prevention measures.

Software includes an email marketing facility.

What money-back guarantee exists.