10.3 Bulk Emailing Programs

Bulk emailing is tedious without the tools to automate the task. Search under emailing / bulk email services / software. Reviews are a good place to start.

These features will prove useful:

Database input: takes file data from any ODBC-compliant database and merges it with your email message.

HTML format: emails can be sent as HTML pages, with included graphics and more attractive layout.

Direct delivery: email can be sent directly to recipient, bypassing the ISP mail server.

Text selection: selected parts of the text or HTML page can be sent.

Incoming mail processing: automatic handling of incoming mail — including sign-ups, double opt-ins, opt-outs, etc.

Subscriber profiles can be changed. Bounce management: detects whether email has been delivered.

Multi-channel: speeds up process by sending many emails simultaneously.

DOS mailing: emails can be sent from the DOS command line.

Preview: lets you preview any message before it is sent.

Attachments: lets you attach files to your message.

Mailing list rebroadcasts: you can take a message from a member of a mailing list and rebroadcast it to all members of that mailing list.

Own SMTP server (so you can use on a laptop away from base and/or when the ISP does not provide a SMTP service).

Squeeze page. HTML page that promises something (usually a free report) in exchange for a customer's email address. Most emailing services now supply this.