10.14 Business News: Europe and Russia

Business information sources for the UK, Europe and Russia in English.

United Kingdom

BBC. Respected international broadcaster with extensive website.

Economist. In-depth analysis of global economic, cultural and business matters: much free online, but $264/year for full access.

Financial Times. Leading newspaper for financial and business information, with analysis and comment.

Money Week. Comment and analysis of UK and international business, with investment and financial advice.

New Left Review. Generally cultural and political issues but some business analysis from a left-wing perspective.

Observer. Quality Sunday broadsheet: register for full digital editions of Observer and Guardian newspapers.

Reuters UK. News by industry, country and market sector: some analysis.

Scotsman. Well-regarded Scots daily: business coverage of Scotland and UK.

Telegraph. Conservative broadsheet with some business news.

Europe Generally

A Dynamic eBusiness Environment for Europe. EEC aims, regulations and help sites.

CNCB Business. Investment, innovation and enterprise news from Europe and elsewhere.

EuBusiness. European business news and market research reports.

European Business. Articles on business and finance in Europe and beyond.

European Business Review. News, articles and white papers.

European Newspapers in English. World-newspaper.com listing of European newspapers in English: grouped by country.

Le Monde Diplomatique. More political/cultural than business articles, but a good corrective to USA-UK perspectives: English edition.


Eurasian Home. News, articles and analysis of former USSR countries.

European Newsletters in English. World-newspaper.com listing of European newspapers in English: grouped by country.

Business Review Europe. Company reports, white papers, business features and news.

RIA Novosti. English version of State-run news agency.

Russia Beyond the Headlines. English version of state-owned Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper.

Prime-Tass. Russian business news and statistics by market sector.

Russian Newspapers. A world-newspapers.com listing of Russian newspapers in English.

Russia Today. A 24/7 English-language news channel.

Russia Profile. Information service and magazine with analysis of Russian politics, economics, society and culture.

St. Petersburg Times. English version of a leading Russian newspaper.

Vladivostok Times. Covers the east Russian scene.

Voice of Russia. State radio site featuring daily news, comments and special reports.