10.12 Business Information Sources

Below are a few of the many sites that now exist to provide information, advice and resources for today's modern business. Many more can be found through specific Internet searches.


Accounting, Business Studies and Economics Dictionary. Extensive online dictionary.

Alexa. Free browser add-on that analyzes sites you visit for download speed, startup date and popularity ranking.

Audit Bureau. Circulation figures for ABC-certified newspapers, magazines and directories in the UK.

Babylon. Translation services and software: 17 million customers worldwide.

Bankruptcy Data. Largest online data source on US bankruptcies. Wide range of services in Free and Premium categories.

Beaucoup. Handy listings of specialist directories.

Better Business Bureau. Information on companies and consumer issues in US and Canada.

BizJournals. Online versions of business papers catering for 35 market sectors.

BizOffice. Listings for small and home-based businesses.

Black Enterprise Online. News, information and resources for African American entrepreneurs, professionals and business leaders.

Brandseye. Monitors who's talking about your product: from $1/month.

Britannica. Online encyclopedia, dictionary and thesaurus.

Business Directories. Directory of business directories worldwide.

Business Wire. Financial disclosures and press release services to local and international markets.

Census Records. Useful statistical and demographic information on the USA.

Change Detection. Free service that helps you keep an eye on the competition by notifying you of webpage changes.

Click Forensics. Leader in scoring, auditing, and improving traffic quality for the online advertising community: free reports on click fraud.

Compete. Monitors your own and competitors' traffic.

Competitive Intelligence Services. Guide to services and software available.

Corporate Information. Extensive information on over 350,000 companies worldwide.

Currency Converter. Just choose two currencies and click the button.

CTS Language Link. Offer translation services in over 120 languages.

Department of Labor. US labor and employment legislation: advice, forms and statistics.

Edgar Database. Free access to financial reports of public companies filed with the (US) Securities and Exchange Commission.

ExecutiveBiz. Covers people and companies making news in and around around Washington, DC.

Federal Trade Commission. Information on federal antitrust and consumer protection laws.

Free Pint. Free newsletter putting 72,000 Internet business in touch: includes free look up of statutory and financial data on 1.6 million UK companies.

Google Alerts. Free service that keeps you abreast of competitors in the news.

Hoover's Online. Information on over 50,000 private and public companies in USA and Europe. By subscription, but some free information.

How To. Practical advice: 15,000 step by step how-tos.

InfoSpace. Quickly finds people, businesses and business types on the web (US only).

Infoworld. Technology resource for new IT products and strategies.

Interbrand. Annual listing of top 100 brands.

International Facts. Key facts, services and companies listed by country.

Intelius. Locates practically any individual in the USA.

International Trade Administration. Guidance, information and references for trading outside the USA.

Jigsaw. Extensive business directory where you can find contact and company information.

Library of Congress. Point of entry for extensive resources, including those useful for business research.

Langenberg. Machine translation from many sources.

Lengua. Quality translation services: good range, including Asian: fees on sites.

Market Research Wizard. Extensive directory of drop shippers and qualified wholesale suppliers: lifetime membership is $299.

MarkMonitor. Global leader in enterprise brand protection.

Multinational Monitor. Tracks corporate activity, especially in the Third World, focusing on the export of hazardous substances, worker health and safety, labor union issues, etc.

KnowX. Searches public records for court judgment, bankruptcies etc. on individuals and companies: fee scale on site.

Online Business Dictionary. Business dictionary of words and phrases commonly used in international trade

Omniture. Web Analytics services that also sell various best practices guides.

Postcodes. Finds UK postcode from address, and vice versa.

Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals. How to conduct competitor intelligence: principles and professionals available.

Startup Nation. Business advice to those wanting to start or grow a small business.

Systran. Competent translation software; also online services. European and Asian languages.

The Corporate Corporation. Helps you to incorporate your company quickly and relatively cheaply.

Thesaurus. Free online thesaurus and dictionary.

Thomas. Congressional reports, legislation and activities.

Thomas Register. Information on 170,00 industrial products and services. Free on registering.

Thomson One. Business School Edition Web site for Finance.

TradeName.com. Worldwide trademark search and registration services.

Translator Tips. Resources for professional translators, but also lists over 2000 translation agencies.

Translation. Free online translations between most Asian and European languages.

US Phone Numbers. Phone Numbers and addresses of US companies.

US Trade Online. US export and import data for over 18,000 export commodities and 24,000 import commodities.

Who's mailing What. When and what your competition is mailing, and the creative ideas and offers they are using. Packages from $30.

Yahoo Finance. Free access to annual reports of 3,500 US and Canadian Companies.

ZoomInfo. Free access to data on 50 million employees in 5 million US businesses.