10.20 eCommerce Technology

Ebusiness and new technology tend to run in harness, and you may find these listings helpful in researching new business opportunities and statistics for sales and market penetration.

21st Century. Science and technology magazine, with wide range of articles grouped by major themes.

CNET News. News, features, and special reports covering technology and its impact on ebusiness, finance, communications, personal technology, and entertainment.

Channel Insider. News, views and reviews of communications industry.

Computer Security Institute. Publishes an annual CSI computer crime and security survey.

Government Computer News. News and articles on government institutions' use of computers, including surveys.

IEEE Spectrum. Magazine for technology innovators, business leaders, and the intellectually curious: explores trends and likely impact on society and business.

Information Week. Business management magazine offering commentary, feature articles, and daily news.

InfoTech Trends. Searches 650 sources of Internet information. Various access schemes.

InfoWorld. Technology magazine with IT news, product reviews and white papers on specific topics.

Institute of the Future. Technical, demographic and business trends in emerging technology. Membership on a corporate basis.

Mobile Magazine. News and reviews on mobile technology, including cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players and digital cameras.

OnWindows. News, resources and information on companies providing technology solutions.

Popular Mechanics. Information on electronics, computers, etc., plus product reviews and how-to articles.

R&D. News and information for the research and development community.

ReadWriteWeb. Latest news and articles on web technology and content.

Red Herring. Magazine covering innovation, technology, financing and entrepreneurial activity.

San Jose Business Journal. Silicon Valley's news, events and industries.

Small Times. Daily articles on microelectromagnetic systems, nanotechnology and microsystems with a business angle.

Tech News World. Technology news from around the world: hardware, software, networking, wireless computing, personal technology, etc.

Technology Review. MIT articles and news on a full range of new technology.

TechRepublic. White papers and resources for IT managers and CIOs

The 451. Analysis of recent developments in technology, business models, and latest mergers and acquisitions.

TheWhereMagazine. Mobile technology and news.

Wired. Popular coverage of technology trends and their impact on business, entertainment, communications, science, politics, and culture.