11.4 Questions: Marketing the Business

Keyword Research

1. What do keyword research programs measure?
2. Why is that information important?
3. What would you do if keyword research showed no opportunities in your market sector as:
a large company with an established brand name and
b. a small company just starting up?

Market Segment

1. What is market segment, and how may it be found by Internet-based businesses?
2. Explain, with three examples, how you would modify your ad copy to target a market segment.
3. What the two major ways of targeting a market sector with the company website?
4. Take three common market sectors and find two new website examples. In your opinion, in what ways do they succeed and/or fail?

Customer Tracking

1. Why is tracking the customer's progress through a website important, and how is it accomplished?
2. What traffic information is commonly provided by hosting companies? How can it be useful?
3. Explain test splitting.
4. Name three advanced metrics, and explain what they do.
5. What sort of questions does marketing expect these metrics to answer?


1. Define ten of the commonly-used marketing metrics.
2. Explain the difficulties in using marketing metrics in social media marketing. What measures are nonetheless used?

Marketing Campaigns

1. What is a marketing campaign, and what are its common objectives?
2. Names six types of Internet-based marketing campaigns.
3. How can a web site be part of a marketing campaign?
4. Marketing campaigns are continually modified. Discuss.

Marketing with Social Media

1. How would you convince your management to use social media marketing?
2. What social media platform would you use and why?
3. How would you locate important 'influencers' and enlist their help?
4. What metrics would you use? Illustrate with three different market sectors.
5. How would you appraise the competition in selling:
a. investment advice,
b. US holidays and
c. baby products?

Marketing with Mobile Platforms

1. Draw up a marketing campaign using mobile phones.
2. Compare the services of three mobile application development companies.
3. Describe in detail the tracking services now available.

Selling through Affiliates

1. Why would you sell through affiliates, and what sort of goods and services?
2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of running your own affiliates program?
3. What will you you be looking for in your affiliates? What will they expect?
4. Outline the types of affiliate fraud you may encounter. What countermeasures should you take?

Press Releases

1. What are press releases used for?
2. What is the standard format for a press release?
3. When would you disseminate the press release yourself, and when employ professional bureaus?
4. Prepare a costed comparison of a popular press bureau service and a DIY approach.

Copy Writing

1. What is the aim of copywriting?
2. How does copywriting differ from normal writing?
3. List some important copywriting practices.
4. How would you rewrite something for web page viewing? Explain why.
5. What should appear in pay-per-click ad copy?
6. How can your ad copy target the market sector effectively?

Pay per Click Marketing

1. How does pay-per-click marketing work?
2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of pay-per-click marketing?
3. Compare search engine optimization and pay-per-click marketing. Which is appropriate in what circumstances?
4. What alternatives to Google Ads exist. When would you use them?
5. Explain why keyword research is important.
6. What is click fraud, and what defense measures can be adopted?

Search Engine Optimization

1. Why do web pages need to be optimized for search engines? When would search engine optimization not be useful or practicable?
2. Explain how keyword research software could be useful.
3. What are the key points in purchasing an aged domain?
4. What are the ten areas in which web pages can be optimized for the search engines?
5. How much time and money would you put into seo? Give a costed example.

Improving the Business

1. What often has to be improved in the first few weeks of an ecommerce site going live?
2. How can you better understand your customers?
3. Why would you employ a webmaster, and how interview?
4. List the points to check on landing pages.
5. Describe MEC's ezine/ebook study. How could the results be useful?
6. Why is it worth experimenting with price comparison search engines?
7. Suggest some ways of using the marketing spend more effectively.
8. How would you find the optimal price for an ebook?
9. When should you make money on shipping charges?