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Cover of eBusiness. A Complete Guide

The ebook is a thorough and detailed guide. Though concisely written, it runs to 1088 pages and 240,000 words.


1.  Introduction                                                                        1
2.  Social Dimension                                                               3                                 
   2.1.  Scope of the Internet                                     
   2.2  Business to Business Successes                               
   2.3  Business to Customer Successes                               
   2.4  History of the Internet                                     
   2.5  Regional Differences: India and China              
   2.6  eBusiness Law                                                                       
   2.7  eBusiness Tax                                                            
   2.8  Cyber Crime                                                             
   2.9  Cyber Wars                                                               
   2.10  The Death of Print                                                 
   2.11  Intellectual Property Issues                                     
   2.12  Online Privacy                                                           
   2.13  Governance of the Internet                                          
   2.14  Welfare Issues                                                
   2.15  Internet Prospects                                                        
3.  Ebusiness Prospects
   3.1  B2C: North America                                                            
   3.2  B2C: South America                                                
   3.3  B2C: Europe                                                                    
   3.4  B2C: Middle East & Africa                                           
   3.5  AB2C: Asia                                                                
   3.6  B2B                                                                              
   3.7  M-Commerce                                                                  
4.  Research and Planning                                                       131                 
   4.1  Getting Started                                                            
   4.2  Research for the Small Company                                
   4.3  eBusiness Overview                                                       
   4.4  Planning for Internet SMEs             
5.  Gaining an Online Presence                                              167
          Business to Customer
          :Without a website
   5.1  eMail Marketing                                                       
   5.2  Merchant Services                                                         
   5.3  Creating Mobile Applications                                       
   5.4  Newsletters                                                                
   5.5  Selling on eBay                                             
          :Using Third Party Platforms
   5.6  Marketing Platforms                                                        
   5.7  Free Services                                                                     
   5.8  Social Media                                                             
          : With a Website
   5.9  Building a Website: Introduction                            
   5.10  Building a Website: Technical                               
   5.11  Mobile Web Pages                                                     
   5.12  Professional Pages                                                  
   5.13  Shopping Carts                                        
   5.14  Payment Systems                                                          
   5.15  Site Hosting                                                                       
   5.16  Webzines                                                                    
   5.17  Auctions                                                                     
   5.18  Blogs                                                                          
   5.19  Content Management Systems                                  
   5.20  Web Portals                                                            
   5.21  Wikis                                                                          
          : With a Website: Types
   5.22  Selling Content                                                           
   5.23  ePublishing                                                                 
   5.24  Distance Learning                                                         
   5.25  Selling Advertising                                                    
   5.26  Becoming an AdSense Publisher                                
   5.27  Becoming an Affiliate                                              
   5.28  Selling Physical Goods                                     
   5.29  Corporate eCommerce                                        
   5.30  eCommerce Servers                                                           
   5.31  Staying Safe                                                    
           :Business to Business
   5.32  Customer Relationship Management               
   5.33  Supply Chain Management                                       
   5.34  Digital Exchanges                                                      
   5.35  eProcurement                                                 
   5.36  Industrial Consortia                                                        
   5.37  Private Industrial Networks                                            
6.  Marketing the Business                                                       392
         :Identifying the Customer
   6.1  Keyword Research                                                        
   6.2  Market Segment                                                          
   6.3  Customer Tracking                                                         
   6.4  Metrics                                                                         
   6.5  Marketing Campaigns                                                      
   6.6  Marketing with Social Media                                      
   6.7  Marketing with Mobile Platforms                                
   6.8  Selling through Affiliates                                            
   6.9  Press Releases
   6.10 Copy Writing                                                           
   6.11  Pay per Click Marketing                                           
   6.12  Search Engine Optimization                                       
   6.13 Improving the Business  
7.  Technical Aspects                                                                501
   7.1  Anatomy of Internet                                                       
   7.2  Telecommunications                                                  
   7.3  Wireless systems                                                           
   7.4  Client Computers                                                      
   7.5  Mobile Devices                                                          
   7.6  Operating Systems                                                          
   7.7  Computer Programs                                                        
   7.8  Security                                                                        
   7.9  Browsers                                                                    
   7.10  Business Intelligence Systems                                  
   7.11  Cloud Computing                                                      
   7.12  Databases                                                                   
   7.13  DTP Programs        
   7.14  eBook Readers                                              
   7.15  eMail Services                                                         
   7.16  Expert Systems                                                          
   7.17  Graphics Programs                                                        
   7.18  Internet TV                                                                  
   7.19  Music & Video                                                         
   7.20  Really Simple Syndication                                        
   7.21  Rich Media                                                             
   7.22  Search Engines                                                           
   7.23  Spreadsheets                                                  
   7.24  Video Conferencing                                                  
   7.25  Word Processing                                                      
           :Corporate Matters
   7.26  Cluster Analysis                                                         
   7.27  Neural Networks                                            
   7.28  Pricing Models                                               
   7.29  Realtime Systems                                                          
   7.30  Regression Analysis         
8.  Models and Strategy                                                           667
   8.1  eBusiness in Context: US Scene                          
   8.2  Strategic Management                                       
   8.3  Grouping by Strategy                                                          
   8.4  Business Models                                                           
   8.5  Customer Segments                                                        
   8.6  Customer Channels                                                         
   8.7  Customer Relationships                                     
   8.8  Key Resources                                                       
   8.9  Key Partnerships                                                   
   8.10  Key Activities                                                                   
   8.11  Value Propositions                                                   
   8.12  Cost Structure                                                         
   8.13  Revenue Streams                                                          
   8.14  Internet Revenue Models                                               
   8.15  Strategy                                  
9.  Learning from Others                                                           728
   9.1  Introduction: Grouping by Business Models                       
         :Cautionary Tales
   9.2  A Start                                                                          
   9.3  Coins International                                                   
   9.4  Fine Art Ceramics                                                        
   9.5  Halberd Engineering                                                    
   9.6  Ipswich Seeds                                                              
   9.7  Seascape e-Art                                                      
   9.8  Whisky Galore                                                            
         :Case Studies
   9.9  Amazon                                                            
   9.10  Andhra Pradesh                                                          
   9.11  Apple iPod                                                                
   9.12  Aurora Health Care                                                    
   9.13  Cisco                                                                          
   9.14  Commerce Bancorp                                                          
   9.15  Craigslist                                                                    
   9.16  Dell                                                                            
   9.17  Early Dotcom Failures                                              
   9.18  Easy Diagnosis                                                       
   9.19  eBay                                                                           
   920  Eneco                                                              
   9.21  Fiat                                                                             
   9.22  Glaxosmithkline                                                         
   9.23  Google ads                                                                  
   9.24  Google services                                                          
   9.25  Intel                                                                            
   9.26  Liquidation                                                                 
   9.27  Lotus                                                                          
   9.28  Lulu                                                                            
   9.29  Netflix                                                                        
   9.30  Nespresso                                                                  
   9.31  Netscape                                                                    
   9.32  Nitendo wii                                                                
   9.33  Open table                                                               
   9.34  Paypal                                                            
   9.35  Proctor & Gamble                                                       
   9.36  SIS Datenverarbeitung                                          
   9.37  Skype                                                                         
   9.38  Tesco                                                                         
   9.39  Twitter                                                                       
   9.40  Wal-mart                                                                
   9.41  Zappos                                                            
   9.42  Zipcar                        
10.  Resources                                                                          959
             :Software and Services
      10.1  General Advice                                                           
      10.2  Affiliate Management Software                                 
      10.3  Bulk eMailing Programs                                            
      10.4  Online Checks and Wallet Systems                      
      10.5  Internet Payment Service Providers                   
      10.6  Publishing Resources                                           
      10.7  Professional Marketing Studies                                   
      10.8  General eCommerce Information                 
      10.9  eCommerce Marketing                                           
      10.10  eCommerce Statistics                                             
      10.11  Case Study Sources                                              
      10.12  General Business Information                             
      10.13  Business News: Americas                                
      10.14  Business News: Europe & Russia                    
      10.15  Business News: Middle East & Africa             
      10.16  Business News: South & Southeast Asia    
      10.17  Business News: Australasia & World             
      10.18  Online Courses                                                          
      10.19  Online Academic Journals                                  
      10.20  eCommerce Technology                                         
      10.21  Technical Magazines                                          
      10.22  Help for Business Students                                  
      10.23  Internet Searches                                             
11.  Review and Questions                                                          1018
   11.1  Social Dimensions                                                    
   11.2  Research and Planning                                             
   11.3  Models and Strategy                                                    
   11.4  Gaining an Online Presence                                             
   11.5  Marketing the Business                                             
   11.6  Learning from Others                                     
   11.7  Technical Aspects                                                          
12.  How to use the Book                                                            1060
13.  About Us                                                                              1079
14.  Index                                                                                    1081


1. Introduction

How companies succeed in the challenging world of ebusiness is the theme of this book: the business models they adopt, the programs and services they employ, and how the mix of theory, technology and business skills works out in practice. All types of ebusinesses, large and small, are covered, and the emphasis is on the practical: what specifically is done, how, and using what tools and services. 

The book provides a complete course on Internet business, from broad principles to specific applications. On completing the sections, readers will be able to:

1. Satisfy the requirements for many business studies courses that cover the digital economy.
2. Grasp the underlying principles on which all digital transactions are built.
3. Read with the necessary insight the articles and studies appearing in the business and academic press.
4. Appreciate the extent and power of the evolving ebusiness revolution.
5. Assess, improve and extend any ebusiness they may be required to manage.
6. Build their own ebusiness with some likelihood of success.

Emarketers and businesses will find the book an immense help in:

1. Choosing the appropriate models for their own business.
2. Selecting the right tools and services to build or extend that business.
3. Improving the business to compete effectively.


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